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Corporate Branding

We are Bespoke Branding Expert, embracing the mission to build a strong, exclusive and timeless brand for our clients. Our experienced brand consultants create and revamp company brand with empowering and meaningful visual recognition. IKONE, corporate branding department is here to create and strengthen brand DNA, CI, webs related UX UI design, custom publishing, other corporate touch points, etc.

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We specialize in Bespoke Product Design, bringing the luxury of bold ideas, imaginations, creativity and craftsmanship together, supporting our clients to convey their brand messages in our exquisite product designs that are well-received by users around the world. Subsequent to our golden track record in hospitality and travel amenities, our design expertise has extended beyond to cover various industries.

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Gifts & Premiums

We are Premium Gifting Market Leader. Empowered by our own vertical integrated factory lines across manufacturing, packaging to printing, our own experienced teams across sales, marketing, sourcing and product design, and leveraging on our solid and long-term partnership with prominent suppliers, we deliver undoubtedly top-notch, and nonetheless, cost-efficient premium gift solutions.

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Event Management

We are Event Designer that specializes in integrated solutions to drive business reach-outs to customers and the media, from product launch, roadshow, pop-up stores, influencer engagement, to international trade show, we manage pre-event planning, event execution, publicize and promote the event seamlessly and effectively while creating buzz in the city.

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