Slide WE ARE IKONE IKONE is a full-service agency specializes in corporate branding, design, premium gifting and event management, aiming at achieving excellence in its diversified array of design and branding solutions. At IKONE, the design hub formed by vibrant professionals from various fields are passionate to transform their creativity into one-of-a-kind deliverables that inspires.

Fully supported by its many strategic partners including Ming Fai Group - industry leaders experienced in delivering top-notch and trusted 5-star solutions to its global clients, and leveraging on similar customer base, IKONE was established to extend this hall of fame as an integrated professional branding and design agency.

V Vision To translate imagination into reality and redefine the level of excellence through providing state-of-the-art design and branding solutions to the world. M Mission To become an icon in branding and design agency, and by leveraging its unique identity as a one of a kind bespoke idea pilot, it strives to become the design hub at The Greater Bay Area as well as the opening gate to businesses in China with its corporate brand building with integrated services.

Slide V A L U E S

Slide Innovation Encouraging ideas with our vibrant culture. I

Slide Kreativity Always injecting a zest to all of our solutions. K

Slide Originality Driven by the belief in uniqueness. I

Slide Narrative Perfect narrator for brand stories. K

Slide Excellence The only standard that we deliver. I